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Your Choice - A walk along Hadrian's Wall is an endeavour that can take as long as you like, it just depends on what your particular aspirations are - and we're here to help you realise them, whichever you choose.

12 Years - Based on experience and knowledge picked up since the Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail opened in 2003, we've long-realised that not everyone is looking for exactly the same experience - not just how long they come for, but also what distances they're comfortable with and what kind of accommodation they appreciate too.

Exploring - Discovering - Escaping - Re-Charging... There are numerous good reasons for coming to Hadrian's Wall - the World Heritage Site, the unique landscape, the challenge, or just the chance to 'get away from it all'. Whatever works for you, is what we're here to help you realise...

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Sycamore Gap

Cawfields Crags

Willowford Bridge

Turret 41A