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Exclusive One Day Hadrian's Wall Safari Tour

One Day - It is possible to get a real feel for the achievement and magnificence of Hadrian's Wall, along with the dramatic landscape in which it resides, in a single day, if you know the right person and you have the means of accessing those places that are not always easy to reach. The solution is to take a Land Rover Safari for a selection of short walks, in the company of a qualified and experienced local Guide.

Out of the Ordinary - When an article in the Observer newspaper began with "Crouching in a field in Northumberland, our guide, Gary Reed, is demonstrating Roman warfare tactics with two sticks and a dried cowpat", it more or less encapsulated Gary's less than orthodox approach to interpreting the heritage. Referred to as "the perfect Wall expert" in the Guardian and a day in his company being highlighted by the Sunday Times in their ‘Best of Britain' series for Days Out in the UK, you can take it that a Tour with Gary will be a day to remember.

Individually Tailored - Every Hadrian's Wall Safari Tour is unique, as it is specifically designed to cater for the interests of each individual group. You can not only walk some of the Wall's best-preserved sections, but also discover and explore the diversity of the area's rich and colourful heritage.

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